What is YouthBeat?

We are youthful, full of energy,
and obsessed with making
companies hotter

YouthBeat is the youth marketing vertical within the ecosystem of Sociowash. Across all campuses around the country, YouthBeat amplifies Gen-Z culture.

With Pranav Agarwal and Raghav Bagai as co-founders, YouthBeat helps brands step up their game and create edgy experiences for youth.


This is where YouthBeat bridges the gap between
brands and Gen-Zs.

Lets talk about some buzzness

Want to experience some next-level services thatll make you say WOW?
We got you covered!

Ambassadors & Influencers

Hit up all the dope creators and link with
hundreds of lit ambassadors!

Retail Store Activations

Witness how we launch brands to the

Social Media

Show off your likes and make your mark
on the most popular spot for us humans! #FamousAF


Echo your brand tunes through hundreds
of campuses!

Creative & Branding

Get your brand trending with our fire
services that make it the center of attention!

Mobile Tours & Pop-ups

Whether it's online or IRL, we're committed to
getting you that clout.

Why YouthBeat Is The Right Move

Traffic generated
by millennials and Gen-Z


Why Youth Marketing

With many new trends rolling out almost everyday, things may get a little challenging for brands.

Sometimes the road of social media might be rocky; this is when an experienced driver takes control.

This is where you give
your marketing keys
to YouthBeat.

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